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NM State Fiddle Contest (1st  Weekend in October)

NMOTFA Spring Jam (2nd weekend in April)

NMOTFA Playhouse Dances (Every Saturday night)

  • NMOTFA hosts the New Mexico Old Time Fiddle State Championship Contest the last Saturday and Sunday of October on a yearly basis. An all day jam; potluck lunch, and a dance are held on Friday the day before the start of the Contest. The Contest is held at the Civic Center, 400 West 4th Street, Truth or Consequences, New Mexico.
  • A yearly music jam is also held with the date and place to be announced. NMOTFA supports fiddle contests and jams throughout the State of New Mexico. Fiddle contests and fiddle jams in New Mexico and neighboring states are publicized in the NMOTFA Newsletter.
  • The Saturday Night Playhouse Dance is held at 710 Elm Street, Truth or Consequences, New Mexico from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM.  Dance Music is provided by Volunteer Members: Fiddlers; Guitarists; Piano Players; Bass Players; Drum Player; and Vocalist. Donations are appreciated.